ul. Eugeniusza Kwiatkowskiego 20
27-400 Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski
tel./fax: 41 263 60 54
REGON: 260051361 NIP: 661-124-99-21

History of the company activities

History of the company activities. Metalowiec company was established in November 2005 and in the beginning it acted as a trading company, selling products, mainly forgings and die forgings. We have supplied forged parts to the power industry plants such as the Bełchatów Brown Coal Mine and to the cement plants Górażdże, Ożarów and others. In production of those forgings we have cooperated with the Polish forging plants (Celsa Huta Ostrowiec, Kuźnia Stalowa Wola, Kuźnia Zawadzkie) and those outside Poland (Kuźnia Witkowice).

In November 2007 the company purchased the former Metal Mould Machining Department with its equipment, located in Ostrowiac Świętokrzyski at the address ul. Stanisława Brody 20. It was a department of Huta Ostrowiec established as an auxiliary department of the cast iron foundry, manufacturing ductile iron pipes. After declaring bankruptcy of the Foundry in 2003, the two departments remained unused for 5 years.

The Metal Mould Machining Department purchased by Metalowiec company has the new machine stock in good technical condition, suitable for use. The stock includes such machines as: milling and grinding machines, lathes, drilling machines, hydraulic press, frame saws.

At the time of purchase of WOK (metal mould machining department), the first crew of 8 persons was employed in December 2007, and production in the company started. The employees were the operators of the machines in the building. Since that time the crew was increased to 19 workers to operate the working machines and 5 office workers dealing with supervision, accounting and human resources.