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„Implementation of the innovative trepanning technology for drilling holes in shafts for the wind power plants”

Operational Program Innovative Economy 2007-2013
4th Priority Axis:
Investing in innovative undertaking
Action 4.3
Technology credit
The project is co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund

The aim of the project is to implement the innovative trepanning technology of drilling holes in the rotor shafts for the wind power plants through the modernization of the TRC-160 lathe-boring machine in order to adapt it for performing large diameter deep-hole drilling by trepanning method and by purchasing the tooling enabling to perform such drilling. Basing on this investment the company is going to introduce significantly improved service to the market, consisting in drilling holes in rotor shafts of the wind power plants of the higher rating.
The undertaking, the scope of which includes this Project will allow to introduce substantially improved service, thanks to which it will be possible to drill holes with diameters up to 500 mm and depth up to 2500 mm. Trepanning drilling of holes is performed in one operation with 50% decrement of material in the form of chips, versus the traditionally made drilling in two operations with 100% decrement of material in the form of chips. The currently used technological process, consisting in the traditional drilling of holes in the rotor shafts, is characterised by high energy consumption and labour demand, and also high material losses and high cost of fast wearing tools.

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